Volunteer Opportuntities


Volunteers are the heart of our Chapter, we have something for everyone - check us out, If you have questions, please email us at naplesnativeplants@fnps.org


Please consider joining one of our Committees:

Community Giving Committee:

This committee will initially work in an exploratory capacity to decide how to best form authentic relationships with local citizens who are interested in ecological preservation and restoration. The committee will evaluate what sort of monetary or physical gifts could best benefit community members, especially youth, to support outstanding citizens in their educational goals or work in the conservation field. The committee will work closely with the Education & Community Outreach Committee, Plant Sales Committee, and Marketing Committees. Once there has been a thorough assessment of community needs and chapter capability, the Community Giving Committee will present ideas to the Board to get approval to move forward with implementing appropriate and impactful gifts to community members.

Education and Community Outreach Committee:

This committee will work to develop and deliver educational programs to community organizations as well as school-aged children. We are focusing on diversifying our audiences as the conservation world in this region is far too homogenous and does not represent the community at large. We’d like to do at least one school program this year, two community education presentations, and two outreach events.

Marketing Committee:

This committee is brand new to the chapter and we currently have no social media accounts. The goal of this committee is to spread the word on multiple social media platforms about chapter events and while also recruiting new members.

Plant Sales Committee:

This committee has existed in the chapter previously but needs to be reinvigorated. It will work to plan plant sales in the community, typically at community events. The goal is to have two pop up plant sales per year, and we already have some plant sales planned. Because this is not a new committee there are chapter members who can help guide new members on how to take over the roles.


Volunteer Opportunities

Outreach - Share your enthusiasm, and knowledge at a community event

Meetings - Greet visitors, help with logistics

Project Workday: Collier-Seminole State Park Native Garden - Next Workday will be in June 2023 - more details to follow

Other Opportunities:  

Coccoloba Chapter - Volunteer at Estero River Oaks Preserve Tue & Sun - see their website for more information