Field Trips

There's no better way to get a feel for Florida's native plants than to go on a field trip! In the past, many of the Naples Chapter's field trips were guided by Dr. George Wilder, botanist and curator of the Herbarium of Southwestern Florida at Naples Botanical Garden. We also enlist the help of many knowledgeable botanists who live in Colllier County.

For details on upcoming field trips, see the Headlines portion of the homepage, or check out the latest Zamia newsletter.

Do you have a favorite natural area in southwest Florida that you would recommend for a field trip next season? Please share your ideas via e-mail ( or Facebook! Remember, you can make any day a field trip by noticing and appreciating native plants in your surroundings.









Naples Chapter members on Key Largo (Photo by A. Naccarato)



We are going on a wet walk in Fakahatchee Strand! This is a limited members only event hosted by the Coccoloba Chapter! Preregistration is required through eventbrite. Sign up now before its too late!






Published on  29.08.2018